Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ultrasound on the leg

Another day another Dr.

All the ultrasound confirms is that I have strained my lower anterior left leg muscle(tibialis anterior I think). Can definitely see the strain on the muscle compared to the right leg.
Basically the area around where the fibula ends at the bottom of your leg.

The only recipe was rest and ice/heat.

The resting will have to wait until after C2S.

The ice and heat and a physio today, will go ahead to try and get the pain down.

I will be trying to go as hard as the pain allows on Sunday. Meaning under 55mins is still worth a shot.


Gnscon said...

The resting will have to wait until after C2S.

Great sentence.

Martin said...

lets just think of the beer after the run mate!

vat_man said...

Bah - faster you run it, quicker it's over, therefore the less it hurts. Simple.

Superflake said...

Thanks guys. I hope I can make the start.

Ingrid said...

Hey Superflake,
Best of luck!
Did the Doc say whether you can take an anti-inflammatory before the race?
I think that helped me get through at the Gold Coast???