Monday, August 22, 2005

Bone Scan booked

Now have a bone scan booked for this Wednesday.

Inject me with some liquid at Prince of Wales hospital and then come back 2 and half hours later.

Then stay there for an hour and eventually get the results.

Was also reading this off the web:

A particular type of tibial stress fracture occurs in the anterior cortex of the midshaft and is more typical in jumping athletes, such as dancers. Anterior cortex fractures are particularly prone to nonunion and progression to complete fracture.

Now I am pretty sure I wasn't dancing at the time except in pain. And as the pain felt like something in the muscle, that is the reason why I have been through all the medical procedures for this injury.
Although I could have skipped the MRI apparently and the only non medicare/Private health cost. Grrrr.


Blue Dog's Mum said...

Dear Pauline,

How boring and repetetive.

"Ooh, I've got a sore leg".....
"Ouch, my leg hurts"......

Try this:

1/take an aspirin
2/stick a bloody bandaid on the sore bit
3/transport yourself to the starting line


Failing that, you seem to have undergone all the medical tests available, except the one you need most:- a heart transplant.

Perhaps God mistakenly gave you the heart of a squirrel?

Maybe my son would be prepared to donate one of his spare aortae and a couple of extra ventricles to assist you. I'll ask him.

I remember taking him to the doctor as a young kiddy, and after running a few tests, the doc said "Crikey, this kid is all ticker:- if we cut his heart out, you could bury the rest of him in a matchbox!" (I always think of him as my own little Phar Lap).

I will let you know what he says.

Anyway Pauline, do try and run a little bit, my son misses racing against you, and I'll leave you with a thought-

"Don't let fear stop you; it will become your worst enemy".

Much luv, Blue Dog's Mum. xxx

Blue Dog said...


My apologies. What can I say?

Sometimes mum is a little embarrassing....I'll have a word with her.

Good luck, hope you get some definite news so you can heaed down the recovery path.

Get well soon.

Blue Dog.

Superflake said...

I laughed so much I need a lung transplant. I was waiting for your heart but you seemed to be using it last week to crush Sarge. I hate not running, just need a definite date to start again so it's fixed for good.

AuntyK said...


Blue Dog's mum has me nearly spitting my water all over the keyboard at work! not a good look :)

Anyway, does this all mean you are on the mend yet??

May see you on Saturday at CR 5k challenge.

Take care, AK