Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Physio not good news

Went to see the physio again this afternoon.
He's not happy. Seems to think my bruise has gone up since the last time I saw him.
I think it is still the same.

Still have to do the same exercises for the leg/glute area.

He wants me to get an x-ray/bone scan done as soon as possible to rule out it being a stress fracture.
He believes unless some dramatic improvement occurs I won't be running C2S.
I told him I would crawl to the start run for 55mins and then collapse on the hill at Bondi with a beer. He didn't think it was funny.

The leg feels worse after taking the pressure of me all day, but better in the morning.
If I don't do much morning of C2S then it won't hurt much during the race. Yeah right.

I have to ring my normal GP tomorrow to try and get an x-ray done.


Martin said...

Flake, sorry to hear you have fallen foul of the C2S curse too! I'm also thinking about turing up running for 55 minutes and then limping around for the next 6 weeks! See you on the floor of the pub!

TA and the Gnome said...

Hope the Xrays turn out OK.


p.s. maybe you should find yourself a physio with a sense of humour :-)

Horrie said...

Flake, hope it isn't too serious but it's not sounding too good. Would love a picture of you and MPHaz on the floor of the pub after C2S. You guys are lunatics!