Sunday, August 07, 2005

Woodstock Fun Run 7.75ks

By the time you get to woodstock.....

Drove out to Burwood this morning for a very chilly start. The car was reading 6 degrees at 8am. The Woodstock runners have been putting this race on in varying lengths since 1986, so this was the 20th and maybe the last race. There was also a short 4.26k race.

As is known I still have pain when I run, I knew today would be no different.
The leg feels ok when on the flat and uphill. The pain is manageable. But the downhills hurt like buggery.

The run felt ok in that I let a few people pass between the 2-3k mark to take them again between the 4-5k period.
Ran home in a time of 31:49 for the 7.75k race. Average pace of 4:06 per klm.
Not too bad as the last 2ks is virtually 2 long uphills to the finish and my little leg problem.

Met Easy Tiger(Gary), Silver Fox and Johnny Dark and Timerenko before the race and met Grandpa(Dennis) after the race.
Silver Fox ran pushing the rabbit in pram so the last 2ks uphill would have been a bit hard.
And Grandpa ending up winning his age group in 29:49. Excellent day.

There were a couple of other Striders at the race but I don't who they were/are.

Jamie Harrison won the mens in 25:19 with Sergio Carvalho 2nd. I didn't get 3rd.
Sue Thompson(Mrs Andrew Lloyd) won the womens I didn't hear a time.
Jamie Harrison won the first 5 Woodstock fun runs and came back for the 20th to try and win again. He also has some 2nds and 3rds.

Thanks to the Woodstock runners for organising the race it had marshalls at every corner and this race has a lot of them. I hope you get to have the 21st I would love to run better next year.

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Horrie said...

Hope your leg can cope with 2 races in 2 days and you pull up okay for C2S.