Friday, September 09, 2005

Magpie Mania-11ks

After having a practice on the driving range this morning I ventured out this afternoon for a run.

A cool day 12 degrees with low cloud and fog around.

Ran out of the resort being dived bombed by the same Magpie as earlier in the week.
Must be a nesting mother. Had a couple of cracks at me even though I wore the hat backwards to throw it off.

Ran up the road past a sheep farm one side of the road and a cattle farm on the other.
Plus a few horses thrown in. Ran back around the golf course as I came back into the resort.

Ran 11.04ks in a time of 1:03:49. Average pace of 5:46 per klm.
Ran all the run on grass. Legs felt fine with no hint of any pain.

1 comment:

Ingrid said...

hey superflake,
I also got sconned by a magpie walking in to uni yesterday, it still hurt up to an hour later!!
Cheeky little buggers.