Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Ran up to Centennial Park and then ran around the inside of the fence on the grass until getting to Fox Studios gates. Ran out and up to Anzac Pde and then down to Alison Rd.
Then turned around and ran back.

Did 13.04ks in a time of 1:14:01. Average pace of 5:40 per klm.

Didn't try and push too hard. Just running it for the k's in the legs at the moment and hoping the stress fracture does not decide to flare up.


Gnscon said...

5:40/k bah I can run faster than that :)

Have to say that now 'cause when you get back into it you'll be kicking my butt.

Tesso said...

That sounds like a great time for somebody not pushing it too hard. Glad to hear the stressy isn't playing up.

Spud said...

Mate, it must feel real good to be back out there. 5:40/k is better than no kms.

See you Friday night.