Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Easy 12ks

Ran a slow 12ks around Centennial Park.

Slow going due to the strong Northerly wind blowing.

Had a fall on a tree root in the park just after starting my run. Not much harm done.

Ran 12.15ks in 1:10:03. Average pace of 5:45 per klm.

Have decided to not run the 10k on Saturday, the concrete won't help the stress fractures.

I will be turning up to help, so I expect PB's from all my readers.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

.SMC 10K

Arrived just after to 7 am to a quite humid Smithfield this morning.

My first actual race without injury since Sutherland to Surf late July.

Met up with O Runner, Vat_Man, Horrie and Sarge before the 10k.

Vat was running the 5k and ended up coming 2nd.

I started with Horrie and managed to run almost all the whole 10ks on the grass edges.
Grabbed a drink and walked through all the 3 drink stations. The fitness was not there for this race but the plan was to do it without having pain in my legs. At present so far so good.

I got out to the 5k in 24:40 and arrived back at the finish to stop the clock at 49:01. Actually a PW for a 10k but that is expected. Just took the run slow and gave support to everyone who ran past in the half race and the 10k and the way back.

Met up with a few more CR's after the race including Uncle Dave(2nd in the half in 79:xx) and Papa Luigi fresh from a 5k PB yesterday, Blue Dog, Professor, Bernie G,Eagle, Gnscon and Colin.

Felt ok but still undecided on when to start pushing myself hard again, especially on the hard tar or concrete.
And the three fireys picked up lucky drawer prizes. Rigged!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Ran up to Centennial Park and then ran around the inside of the fence on the grass until getting to Fox Studios gates. Ran out and up to Anzac Pde and then down to Alison Rd.
Then turned around and ran back.

Did 13.04ks in a time of 1:14:01. Average pace of 5:40 per klm.

Didn't try and push too hard. Just running it for the k's in the legs at the moment and hoping the stress fracture does not decide to flare up.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Centennial Park-10.2ks

Went out for a run late on Saturday afternoon.
A howling westerly wind was blowing but it wasn't cold at all.

Ran from home up to the Darley Rd gates and then ran around the inside of the park near the fence. Ran around until I got to the Horse grounds at Fox Studios and then ran back again.

Ran 10.2ks in a time of 59:19. Average pace of 5:48 per klm.

Just took the run easy. No pain at the moment with my leg.

Monday, September 12, 2005


With Mt Hutt almost having no snow. Base of 25cms.
I booked a heli-ski-ing day.

Started from a farm in the Rakaia river Gorge.

Snow was pretty soft as it definitely into spring ski-ing conditions now.
5 runs done with a 11,000 ft vertical for the 5.

On one of the drop offs with the helicopter I got out onto the snow ledge which turned out to be a bit icy.
On stepping out and moving along the edge my ski boots slipped and I was down on my face attempting to stop myself sliding down the slope.
I attempted to dig the gloves in to stop but they wouldn't grip and I turned over onto my back as I slid over the edge of the summit we were on.
Discovering that I had a 20ft drop into the bowl below and a further slide of about a 100feet.

Many non manly screams were heard as I attempted to stop myself.
No harm done physically. Only sheer terror as I hurtled over the snow lip and into what as I had not seen what was below.
The helicopter pilot told the guide I went over the edge as he had not seen me. No camera's captured the moment unfortunately.

It was a great day apart from that. Brilliant sunshine and warm temps.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Magpie Mania-11ks

After having a practice on the driving range this morning I ventured out this afternoon for a run.

A cool day 12 degrees with low cloud and fog around.

Ran out of the resort being dived bombed by the same Magpie as earlier in the week.
Must be a nesting mother. Had a couple of cracks at me even though I wore the hat backwards to throw it off.

Ran up the road past a sheep farm one side of the road and a cattle farm on the other.
Plus a few horses thrown in. Ran back around the golf course as I came back into the resort.

Ran 11.04ks in a time of 1:03:49. Average pace of 5:46 per klm.
Ran all the run on grass. Legs felt fine with no hint of any pain.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

.Mt Hutt Ski Report

Well the mountain was fogged in as I drove up a treacherous 14klm dirt road.
Due to the low cloud and fog I could only go at about 20k's an hr. Very scary road.
Makes the road up Mt Hotham seem like a freeway.

Conditions were crap, bad visibility, soft snow, dirt, rocks. The mountain would be excellent in a good season. The mountain hasn't had much snow this year.
God I love snow ski-ing.

Had fun anyway, the back of the legs copping a pounding from the chairlift seats.

Road down was even worse after the days ski-ing. An idiot in a 4wd up my arse.
And I could see at best 5metres in front of me, and this road hardly fits two vehicles on it passing each other. Not fun.

And no problem with the recovering stress fracture.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

First run back-6ks

Out this morning about 9 am. Very cold wind, ran in a beanie for the first time ever. Most likely never again. Sweated too much.

Ran around the golf course on the grass where I'm staying on my holiday.

It was a very laboured run as I have had a cold since Tuesday which effected my breathing straight away.

Had to avoid a few suspicious magpies swooping at me. Must have been that Striders singlet.

Did a full reconnaisance of the course and the driving range, and had to stop and let a few golfers hit off.
Set some cows off in a neighbouring paddock who thought I was running to open the gate. Set off a stampede.

Ran 6.02ks in 39:37.5. Average pace of 6:34 per klm.
No evidence of any problems with my leg so far. Quite happy with that.