Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Around the Grounds 13ks

What Grounds? SCG,SFS,and the old show ground now Fox Studios. Actually at the moment Cirque Du Soleil has the big top on the old show ground main arena.

Nice night for a run, cool and a bit windy and not humid. Just what was needed on Sunday morning at the races. I guess I did run at night though.

Total was 13.3ks in a leisurely 1:11.36. Average pace of 5:23. I think the clowns must have distracted me? Or maybe the Irish cousins of Kanser asking for directions to the Big top while I was out running? Maybe I'm just fat? Yes the last one.


Spud said...

Hey good to see you out on the course on Sunday mate.

Tesso said...

Run away and join the circus.

Ewen said...

Cirque Du Soleil would be worth a look - we saw the Vegas show, and they do have clowns.

miners said...

so they didn't enlist your services over there? would have thought you and your big feet would have fitted in nicely ;)