Monday, September 15, 2008

Full Moon 6ks

A nice warm night for a run. A bit windy and the temp is set to drop tonight when a cold front comes through. I'm still waiting.

Ran up to Fox Studios and back. Some people run a 100 miles on the weekend and I wheeze my way up to the horse yards to catch some Horse Flu. Bloody marvelous.

Total was 6.65ks in 33:54. Average pace of 5:05 per klm.


TokenFatBoy said...

Hey flakey - I'm going to be in randwick at UNSW for the next few days - drop me an email and see if we can get out for a run - maybe wed night? (or call 0405 339 585)

Ewen said...

My sometime training partner ran 100 miles, but it took him a little more than a day.

Keep plugging away.