Saturday, September 20, 2008

.A day on the grun.

Waited till 5:30pm for the heat to go out of the air to no avail. It was still 28 degrees after peaking at 33 degrees today.
Ran around the grass track in Centennial Park trying to avoid being sighted by angry magpie parents up on Oxford St. And that isn't because Collingwood are out of the finals. It was the feathered variety.

Total was 7.95ks in 41:15. Average pace of 5:11 per klm.

Good luck to everyone running in Sydney tomorrow. I'll be out on the Marathon course around the Racecourse/Centennial area.
Look for subtle messages on the road!


Ewen said...

I do the same to avoid angry swans around LBG.

Tesso said...

I've been out of Blogsville for a number of days and come back to find you are starting to really get back into things ... good to see.