Friday, September 26, 2008

A shark in the Storm

A lap of Centennial Park tonight around on the grass. Heard the death of the Sharks in the finals as I ran near the SFS. One punter was set to win $250k if it was a Cronulla-Manly Grand Final.

Total was 7.2ks in 38:10. Average pace of 5:18 per klm.

Go Beaver! Go the Eagles for tomorrow night!


Ewen said...

Go the SUZUKI Storm for the Grand Final :)

the Albino Bowler said...

Hey. I like what you've got going on here. I've been following your blog, and I noticed we have some interesting shared obsessions. I'm curious to see what your opinion is of the post I dropped at the Rodeo yesterday comparing American football to Aussie Rules. Hope to talk to you soon,
Matt the Albino Bowler from New Orleans

Tom said...
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Tom said...

What the?

I refuse to continue reading your blog until you start running under 5mins per km again...

Go the Sea Eagles! Shame I'll be overseas.