Friday, September 05, 2008

No running to report here

No running on this holiday. Heaps of eating and drinking.
Have played a few rounds of golf this week. Scored a birdie today for the first time in ages. Snowed on us while we were playing golf. Was a bit cold on the hands.

A couple of days of ski-ing with Thursday being a half a foot powder ski-ing day. Sensational.

Tomorrow I'm off heli-skiing. Apparently they have had over half a metre in the mountains we are going to in the past 2 days, with no other flights in the area due to the low cloud.

Tomorrow should be awesome!


Ewen said...

No running? Then no tips. Have fun.

Tesso said...

Sounds cool :)

Luckylegs said...

Hey, SF...that looks heaps better than running!