Sunday, June 06, 2010

Christchurch Marathon 2:57:45=PB

The plan was to run at 21 min 5k pace for as long as possible. Had all the cold weather gear on, the beanie with a cap, arm warmers, gloves and a skins chest top as well. Needed all of it to keep warm this morning. Temps were 4-11 degrees and intermittent cold showers.

The course was great. Flat as a tack with the only rises being about 2 feet up onto the bridges we crossed. Had a good start running with Strider Eamon Kenihan via Limerick for awhile at the start until we decided to part as our pace strategies for sub 3hr.

Stayed on the pace and going through half way in 88:30. A bit disconcerting when the half runners left us and the crowd ahead of me just became a dozen guys in the distance running single file. Anyway after halfway we had a shower and had I had my first thoughts of this is too hard and I can't do it. Had to break the race down into 5k stretches. That helped me just think about only running 5ks at a time. Certainly worked out well.

At about the 24k mark I started reeling in runners who started to drop off the pace as I was still holding my 4:12/ks. Hit the 25k mark in 1:45 and then the 30k mark in 2:06. At the 32k mark it was the first time my pace was off the splits I wanted and I was having to push much harder to hold the pace.

Hit 35k on 2:26:52. Came up to the 39k mark and was at 2:44 flat. This was the last time I was on pace. From here it was really hard work. Both calves were knotted and both ITB's were tight as a drum. It was proving very difficult to keep on 4:12 pace and the pace kept slipping out to 4:20's. And the walkers were getting in the way as well.

I finally got myself through the park near the finish and we had about a 500m run until we could see the finish. Not until I saw that banner about 300m out did I believe I was under 3hrs.
Finished in 2:57:45 with a half split of 88:30. Probably passed about a dozen runners in the 2nd half of the race, and had no-one pass me.

Thanks for everyones comments over the years. They have helped me a lot. Kept me pushing through all the injuries to finally get over the line for the sub 3hr. Now I will have to think of a new goal. Probably sub 4 min ks maybe.

P.S Beat Blue Dog's PB. His mum will be pissed!


Tim said...

Hey Paul,
Big congratulations mate, great effort as i know the hard work you've put in over the years.
Enjoy it and rest up before setting some new goals
Tim Lindop

Ewen said...

That's fantastic Paul! Very happy for you. Know how hard you worked for that one.

I feel sorry for Blue Dog's mum. The neighbours won't talk to her now your PB is faster than little bluey's.

TokyoRacer said...

Found you from Ewen's blog (Ewen knows everyone).
Congratulations on your sub 3, you ran a great race.
How did you finish in your age group?

Gronk said...

Great effort Paul. Happy for your buddy.


Spud said...

Excellent result after years of hard work and attempts. Delighted for you mate.

tja said...

very nice and well done. certainly hitting some form.

Dave Kane aka 'Kanser' said...

Well done mate, great effort. All the STARS paid off

eamo said...

Great result Paul - your legs were ticking over like a metronome those first 5k I was with you... There was no catching you after seeing consistency like that in the wet and cold conditions - Great result!

Luckylegs said...

I am SO pleased for you, Paul! Fantastic pacing right to the finish even when it hurt! Huge hugs!

I'll have to remember "even pacing" come September 19!

Boston calling?

Eagle said...

Congratulations. You are so right -break it down into 5k's have a time and try like hell to stay with it for as long as possible. This time you managed to stay in front of that 3 hour line all the way to the finish.

LL is also so right - even splits will usually result in the best time possible.

Mike said...

Congratulations flakey, sounds like you did it perfectly (both the training and the race itself). Well done mate, that's outstanding.