Sunday, June 20, 2010

Minimosmarathon 10k

Thought my calves would be ok to run this by now but no such luck. Plus the night out at the Rugby watching the Wallabies get beaten by the Poms didn't help.

The 1st k was done in 3:40 and then it was all downhill or uphill from there. It is a very hilly course but the weather was good this morning.
No help for me as my calves still hurt too much from the marathon. More stretching needed I think.

Time was better than last year and ended up as 41:09. Pretty average considering my race PB is 38:10 from 2007. I'll get it next year maybe.
Chatted to Tom31 who looks to be almost back to peak form and about half a dozen Striders after the race.

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Ewen said...

That's not a bad time for Mosman and still being in marathon PB recovery mode. I reckon you're still on target for a sub-56 C2S.