Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lake Macquarie Half Marathon 85:37

Somehow I missed putting this result up. Probably a good idea as I didn't run that well in the race from memory.
42:22 for the 1st 10.5k and 41:15 for the 2nd 10.5k. Finish was 1:25:37.

26th overall and only beaten by 1 female. Kirsten Molloy which was understandable as she ran 81:40 and was 11th.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

12k Easy

Due to the winds tonight I decided there was no point in attempting to do 3k reps fast so just ran along Manly Beach instead.
Great night for it with a full moon over the ocean.

Total was 12.2ks in 56:25. Average pace of 4:37 per klm.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MLR 20ks

12 degrees and windy tonight. Ran from work up to Centennial Park and did a couple of laps around the outside and then ran back to work.
Total was 20.05ks in 1:34:11. Average pace of 4:42 per klm.

I wondered where all the sand came from along Moore Park Rd, then I remembered the burst water main on Monday night and thought they used sand to soak up the water.

No actually the sand came out of the ground around the pipe.

Story of hole is here

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

10k @ MP

17k winds with gusts up to 25ks does not help trying to run an even pace. Except it was 14 degrees so wasn't too cold. Distance should have been longer but my legs were stuffed.
Ran from Fairy Bower up to Queenscliff Lagoon, and then on past Boy Charlton Pool and Manly Golf Club and back home again.

Total was 10ks in 40:50. Average pace of 4:05 per klm. Slightly too fast.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Clovelly Canter STaR 30ks

A bit windy this morning made it cold. Start at 8 degrees but with a 25ks Westerly blowing made it actually 5. Eventually it made it up to 11 degrees by the end of the run.

Started at Queens Park and did a half lap in Centennial Park and then ran back past Queens Park, and through Waverley, Bronte, Glamourama beach, Bronte beach, Clovelly beach, Coogee beach, Maroubra beach down to Malabar.

Then we turned and ran back through Matraville, Hillsdale, Eastgardens, Pagewood, Daceyville, Randwick racecourse and back past Centennial Park to the finish at Queens Park.

A bit smaller crowd than last week with some having done W2B on Saturday, and with Pub2Pub, Mudgee Marathon and Bankstown Half on today.

Total was 30.75ks in 2:27:16. Average pace of 4:47 per klm.
Next week I will most likely do Lake Macquarie Half.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

10k @ MP

Still 18 degrees when I went out for a run tonight. Ran from Fairy Bower up past Queenscliff Lagoon and around Boy Charlton Pool, Manly Golf Club and back.

Total was 10ks in 40:41. Average pace of 4:04 per klm. A bit quick for what I wanted.

Bought the Garmin from R4YL online Ewen, but sent it to Garmin Aust at Seven Hills in Sydney for repairs after speaking to Action after C2S.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MLR 19ks

17 degrees with a 17k Northerly wind blowing tonight with a few showers around as well. Felt colder than 17.
Ran from work up to Centennial Park and did two laps around the outside and ran back to work. Street lights are still out near Moriah College near Queens Park which makes it a bit hard to see. And worse when that area is the grassed section and you can't see your feet to step.

Total was 19.01 ks in 1:32:09. Average pace of 4:50 per klm.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kenyan Fartlek

Received the Garmin back today, Six day turnaround. Amazing. Looks like a full replacement. Battery was already charged which was good so I could use it straightaway.

Couldn't last as long as Paul Tergat with his 25x1min hard, 1min easy. I'm soft.

Did 10 x 1 min hard, 1 min easy. Total distance was 5.26ks in 20 mins. Average pace of 3:48 per klm.
Did a 2k warmup and a 2k cooldown after finishing. Ran along Manly Ocean front for this.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Iron Cove Bolter STaR 29ks

A huge crowd at 6:20am this morning, I think about 20 of us. Largest that I can remember for a while.
Started at Drumoyne and ran down to Haberfield around the Bay and then back up to Dobroyd Pt doing the dog loop and then continuing around the bay until we crossed the Iron Cove bridge. From there it was through Drumoyne until we crossed over the Gladesville Bridge, some of us decided to do the Hunters Hill loop first instead of Huntleys Point. I didn't realise they were cutting out the other loop until we headed back across the Gladesville bridge again. So missed 1.4ks of the course.

From there we ran along the waterfront through Chiswick to Russell Lea and headed back to Timbrell Park. I dropped off the group after we crossed the Gladesville bridge as they were a bit quick. As I had missed some ks I went the long way around the bay run on the way back to the finish at Drumoyne.

Total was 29.3ks in 2:10:46. Average pace of 4:27 per klm. I said it was a bit quick today.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

10ks @ MP

Windy and the surf was pretty rough as well tonight. It was hitting along the walkway near Shelley Beach.

Ran from home up to Queenscliff lagoon and then up and around Manly Golf course and back. Bit of a pain without the garmin now. No idea of pace.

10k in 42:15. Average pace of 4:13 per klm. Not good.

Garmin has been sent for replacement after the C2S start mishap on Sunday. Should be back soon.

City 2 Surf stats

2006- 455th place
2007- 363rd place
2008- 440th place
2009- 432nd place
2010- 424th place

Top 100-
2006- 50:03
2007- 50:23
2008- 49:36
2009- 49:01
2010- 49:40

Top 500-
2006- 55:33
2007- 56:52
2008- 55:41
2009- 55:51
2010- 55:48

Top 1000-
2007- 1:01:05
2008- 59:12
2009- 59:12
2010- 59:38

I was 578th last year on gun time in 56:37 and this year 443rd on gun time in 55:05. All the times above are gun times.
I have been given 54:52 as my net time as apparently I took 13 seconds to cross the start mat so hopefully will get a preferred start next year.

So this year those equal to 55 mins was about line ball with last year losing only 8 people. The Top 100 were slack, running 39 seconds slower. The Top 500 were 3 seconds faster than last year. And the Top 1000 blew out from 59:12 last year to 59:38.

Maybe the Southerly head wind running into Bondi slowed some of us down?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MLR 17ks

No Garmin tonight so had to use Google maps afterwards to work out the distance. Pain!

Started from work and ran up to Centennial Park and then over to Queens Park, up to Oxford St, then down to Edgecliff and then down to Rushcutters Bay, then it was the steep uphill to Kings Cross.

Then ran back past the Tropicana and St Vincents up to OxFord St and past Victoria Barracks. Then down Anzac Pde and back to work again.

Total was 17.62ks in 1:23:05. Average pace of 4:42/k.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

City 2 Surf 55:05=PB

Conflicting emotions with my PB this year. Happy with getting another C2S PB but not happy about missing going under 55 mins.
Arrived at the start at 7am and was right at the front of the red group for the long wait until the 8:30am start. No-one remembered to bring a paper so we had to amuse ourselves with witty conversation. Worked well. Even Superman flew in!

Start was a shambles as no one gave us a countdown that the gun was going to be fired. How hard is a countdown? 3 2 1 gun? The pin released on the garmin and I heard it fall and turned to pick it up on the downhill in William St only to see another runner step on it and smash the face. So no watch for the rest of the race. The watch kept beeping the k markers actually but I couldn't see the times. Very frustrating.

Had a great start bar the watch falling off. I did pick it up. Edgecliff hill wasn't as bad for me as previous years. Pushed hard through Double Bay and Rose Bay and reached the 5k in 19:15 which my 'C2S PB' was 19:49 from 2007. Got the time from Melbourne radio comic Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes.

Heartbreak was a challenge as always, I actually ran from 5k to the clock slower than last year. But I reached the 7.2ks in 28:50 over my 29:45 HBH clock PB from last year. I needed to be further ahead than this as I had 1:37 to make up from last year.

I passed a jogging Fossil about the 9k mark, the only time I will ever beat Fossil in a race. Reached 10k in 40:30 which was 1 min up on my C2S 10k PB of 41:30. So I was gaining on what I needed to catch up.

Pushed the downhill hard to Bondi and slowed a bit on the Campbell Pde hill, tried to go hard along the rest of the course and sprinted for the line but just missed getting under 55 mins with a 55:05 on the race clock. A great last 4k in 14:35. Pity I can't run the 1st 10k at this pace.

So a PB but another failed attempt at getting under 55 mins. A good negative split again 28:50/26:15. I love a downhill.
Third PB for the year adding the half marathon and marathon in. I think the 5k and 10k PB's might be a bit harder to break this year.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Easy 8ks

Along Manly beach front tonight. Pretty cool with the wind blowing. All stars out and no cloud.

Total was 8.15ks in 39:57. Average pace of 4:54/k.

See you out there Ewen.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

MLR 15ks

Good night for a run. 15 degrees and not much wind at all. Ran from work up to Centennial Park and did a lap around the outside coming down Moore Park Rd and Anzac Pde plus a loop around Robertson Rd as well.

All up 15.23ks in 1:13:07. Average pace of 4:48/k.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

5x1k Reps

Very soft. One less than last week. Temp was about 13 degrees and the winds still pretty strong at 20ks an hour.
Ran along Manly Beach front for these. Plenty of people still out running tonight.

Reps were 3:31, 3:30, 3:30, 3:27, 3:24. All done with a 2 min walk recovery.

Hopefully these will get me through to run C2S well this sunday.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Chatswood Chase STaR 32ks

An all in one start at 6am this morning as the Striders were having a 30th anniversary brunch afterwards. So the pace was pretty slow for the first k until people sorted themselves out with who they usually run with.

We started at the Macquarie Park end of Lane Cove National Park instead of the Fullers bridge normal start as we had the brunch on Tunks Hill near the 5k turnaround gate.
Ran from Macquarie Park down along Epping Rd sort off, crossing to Lane Cove West and a long haul up Mowbray Rd to Artarmon. then Chatswood, before doing the roller coaster of hills along the train line past Roseville, Lindfield and Gordon before heading back through some bush behind the Gordon golf course.

We got lost here as we took a wrong turn and did 2 extra ks. What is a STaR without getting lost? Then we ran down to the Weir and the park crossed over and ran 4ks up the Lane Cove course to Tunks Hill to finish.
Pace got quicker eventually, no doubt due to running with CT, Wareham, Binfield and Heyden for most of the run.

Total was 32.3ks in 2:40:02. Average pace of 4:57/k. A good hard STaR for the hills next week at C2S.