Sunday, April 15, 2012

Canberra 50k- 3:52:51

My 50k PB had been niggling at me since 2007 when I discovered that Action had a time only 1 sec faster than my PB. If I had checked in 2007 before the race I might have run a bit faster doing the last 7.8ks.

I only decided in January that I would enter the 50k at Canberra. With limited training due to work and an achilles injury I entered the 50k getting a seeded start in the process with my name on the bib. First time ever.

I started the race with only 4 runs over 30ks which is not ideal for a marathon let alone an extra 20% afterwards. The conditions were good on the day and I thought I might be able to run another sub 3hr marathon as well. But that went out the window early when I realised my endurance wasn't up to scratch.

I went through the marathon in 3:12:37 which wasn't too bad as my last one in Sydney 2011 had been 3:31 in the heat finishing in 134th spot. I kept going to the first drinks table on the ultra which is just up the hill from the finish. I questioned at that point why had I entered the 50k. I figured then I couldn't DNF with my name on the bib so kept going.
The Ultra is always fun as going along the bike path everyone yells out to each other to keep going even if we don't know each other. A special club!

I finished in 3:52:51 for 14th overall. Just missed the PB. The worst part is that the time of Action's I wanted to beat was set in the 45-49 age group so he will still be ahead of me. Bugger.
Great to see everyone in Canberra again. Including Ewen, Ray James, Colin, Kanser and Timmy.
Thanks for the support.
Just realised that I have run Canberra 4 times entering the Ultra 3 times. I must be mental.

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Ewen said...

You looked to be running strongly whenever I saw you. Good result even if you just missed the PB.

Only 6 more for your Griffin singlet ;) Plenty of time to break Action's PB.