Thursday, March 30, 2006

And now a toe injury. Argh!

After doing a simple run & walk thing on Tuesday I have somehow hurt the big toe on my left foot.
No idea how but consequently I am now limping around due to the big toe controlling all balance in your feet.

Have been icing the bugger. But it is the usual thing. Can't see any bruise. Press on it hard and I can feel the pain. And walking is a real shit.

It does appear to be on the top near the joint of the toe connected to the foot. Maybe a stray tree root got me on Tuesday or was it Batfink?

I won't be running or walking around much for awhile. Hopefully the pain will go away so I can do a soft sand run Sunday week, fingers crossed.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Batfink and I

More secret training. It was a run into Centennial Park tonight with the bats as company.
Ran around the outside fence with the street lights mostly showing the way. Although it gets a bit dark in some places.

The plan tonight was walk 3 minutes, run 3 minutes and repeat, repeat.

All up a total of 42 minutes and 5.54 ks covered in that time.
Leg felt ok although it does not like the downhills too much. I could do plenty of hill work but I would have to walk down slow. Walking down slow sounds fine, helps me recover.

Anyway Batfink was a cartoon character that used his wings to shield bullets. His mate or nemesis can't remember was Hugo a GoGo. Classic name.
My mind is full of useless crap. blah!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Secret Training

Into Centennial Park and ran and walked around the trail inside the fence. So all on grass and dirt. No tar or concrete. This morning was a case of walk for 3 minutes then run for 2 minutes until I got up to 40 minutes.

My leg didn't hurt when I ran it only hurts now while pressing on the stress fracture spot. So don't get your hopes up that I will be back running normally any time soon.
To me I'm looking at early May which will be 3 months, but there are no guarantees with a stress fracture that it won't need longer to stop being painful. But not hurting when I ran is a start.

Did 5.01ks in the 40 minutes. Not exactly fast as the run was really just a slow jog for me.
It is a great feeling running in the park after a rain. Soft under foot with the smell of the pine needles on the ground and the eucalyptus in the air.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Bike 10ks

A very quiet gym tonight. Most likely because I didn't get there till 7 pm.

Put it on the hills setting and watched the TV for the 22 minutes.

Got through 10.4ks in that time with a max heart rate of 172BPM and an average of 137BPM.

Now home watching the Comm Games, Cricket, Rugby.
What choice. Lucky I can channel surf without upsetting anyone.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Bike 10ks

Yes the gym again. Very warm and humid night and that was just walking past the spa and sauna.

Rode for 22 mins on the hills setting. Only managed 10.53ks in tha time. Very slack actually.

Had a max heart rate of 178BPM with an average of 147BPM.

That's it.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bike 10ks

Late to the gym tonight so it wasn't full at all.

Set the bike on the hills setting and the legs really did not want to do this.

Did manage to do 10.65ks in the 22 minutes.
Average heart rate was 149BPM with a max of 172BPM.

The Sydney Roosters had just finished their training so they were doing a recovery jog up and down most of the pool.

Felt like a swim but didn't do it.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bike 10ks

A bit later at the gym tonight so less of a crowd there.

Put the bike on the hills setting again. The computer started it off flat for about the first 2ks so didn't really get a fast start into this session.

Because of that only got through 10.1ks in the 22 minutes and consequently it was pretty easy.
Average heart rate of 137BPM with a max of 171BPM.

Still finding it hard to walk after getting off the bike. Don't know how you can ride 180ks and then run a marathon? Must be the padded shorts and the training.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bike 10ks

Into a very crowded gym tonight. With a large boxercise class going in one part of it.

Set the bike on the random hills setting again.
Got through 10.82 ks in the 22 minutes which includes a 2 min cool down.

Average heart rate was 144BPM with a max heart rate of 173BPM.
Pretty easy course I had on the hills tonight. The bike computer must have had a hard day.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Surf Club Swim-Run and big win.

A nice heavy surf this morning at the beach. Heaps of fun to watch the other clubs races. Lots of spills in the ski and board paddle races.

For our swim we had a pretty short swim but it was pretty big the swell trying to get out. Dive down deep under a wave and I still felt them drag me. Survived the swim ok as it was probably only 600m in total.

My focus was on the run. How unusual. I went into the last round which was today equal on points to the guy I have been racing with all season.
I needed to beat him plus come in the first 4 which guarantee's extra points. I started off a handicap of 60 seconds with him behind me off 75 seconds.

I held him off safely to finish third for the race and in so doing taking the 'run' trophy for the season. Yeehah!
I think he let me win the trophy as he already had the board and the overall comp trophy sown up.

In spite of being upset about the two stress fractures this past year I have still managed to win two trophies in my Surf Club events. So quite happy.

That was the last race for our club for the season, but the actual surf club still has races until Anzac Day.
Plus we have our Marathon Run, which is not that long actually, on sand in April left to do.

And a note for Don Juan. The hill and off road ratings for Striders STaR's are only on the calendar you get in the mail each quarter.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bike 10ks

Into the gym for a session on the exercise bike.

Set the bike on the Random Hills setting.

Got through 10.35ks in the 22 minutes. Average heart rate of 147 with a max of 173.

Legs felt ok but I think I need padding on my shorts. Argh!

Not many in the gym tonight. Maybe Thursday night keeps them away.