Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fat boy running 2ks

A very wheezy 2k along the busway of Alison Rd. I did stick to the grass all the way as I felt that would be easier on the foot. I didn't feel any pain at all while I was running.

Maybe because the running shoes are soft and I was running on grass. Who knows?

As for walking around in other shoes the heel does hurt. Work that out.

Now I need a new lung as I have discovered I have the lung capacity of a pea at the moment. I guess a cold doesn't help either.

My weight has finally peaked at 80kgs. After being 74kgs after pulling out of Canberra Marathon half way. Too much good food, chocolate and alcohol, plus not running.

Scary photo! Oh, it was 2ks in 10:57. A very pedestrian 5:28.5 per klm.


Jen_runs said...

Great photo - in an artistic, capturing the moment kind of way.

One of the benefits of being injured is that you can eat & drink all that stuff 'cause we don't when we are running well. Well, that's my theory & I'm sticking to it ;-)

...I'd be bloody happy with 5:28's!

Ewen said...

I remember hitting the wrong side of 80 once. Scary. I wouldn't want to be dragging that up HBH on 10 August ;)

glenda said...

Well we all got to start somewhere...only 7times that to run c2s

Anonymous said...

Hey Paulini. Long time no see darl'.

Glad to see you have overcome the anorexia!

Thought you might be interested to know that Lil'Bluey shot down the coast for Shoalhaven KOM race on Sunday.


Which is 4 seconds faster than you ran last year. Bloody funny heh?

If he was the smart-arse type, you'd swear he did it on purpose.

He can't stop smiling.

Anyway, I hope things are going well.

And don't worry about the weight; making people laugh is a good thing.

Luvin' kisses,
Blue Dog's Mum.