Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm off the flakes, just don't mention the Cherry Ripes

It is almost fortress Randwick as we await the arrival of his Holiness Pope Benny. The choirs were across the road practicing tonight. You think they could turn the speaker volume down until there is a crowd to hear it?
Ran from my place up to Fox Studios and back trying to avoid a few flag waving Korean pilgrims.

Ran 5ks in a slovenly 29:30. Lungs still hurt and so does the foot.

Had a hard day at work getting Root Canal Therapy. In layman's terms that is an audit. 9am to 7pm, and most of the time spent on my feet. So foot was sore when I left work.


Gronk said...

I heard the singing too. Choir ? Oh I thought it was the hobos in good voice. ;-p

Jen_runs said...

Who needs to head to CP to hear it. I was treated to a rendition of gawd-knows-what by a pilgrims on Market St today complete with drums, guitars, tamborines & lots of clapping.

BTW why are you running if your foot still hurts?

Ewen said...

You should have gone in the bridge 'fun run' to Randwick. I reckon 29:30 5k pace would have won.