Tuesday, July 15, 2008

.Fat boy slim runs 4k

Well it doesn't get any easier. Actually tonight I felt worse than sunday and I only ran 4ks.
Ran along the grass around Centennial Park up to Fox Studios and back.

Total was 4.2ks in 24:34. Average pace of 5:50 per klm. I said it felt worse than sunday.

Is Blue Dog's Mum out of the asylum already? I thought they gave her 3 months of shock therapy.


Tesso said...

Did your lungs feel worse or your foot? Hope it was your lungs, they will recover much quicker.

TokenFatBoy said...

Maaaaate. Maybe we can drive the 75 minute CR bus for C2S. Maybe (you know I'm not joking - I can't see me doing 14k's in 3 weeks)
Keep up the recovery - I'm up to 79kg's now, catching you....
Take it easy flakey.

Ewen said...

They let her out so she could ask B16 to perform a miracle - return her sanity.

Stay off the flakes between now and C2S start.