Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Holy 7ks

After having Sunday Mass with the Pope. They were across the road how could I not see it and hear it? I was the only one of the 400,000 who did take off for a run though.
I did manage to see the Pope in the flesh, Ok behind bullet proof glass in the popemobile.

Did a lap of Centennial Park around the outside of it on the grass. Had a few tough spots around the Fox Studios and Racecourse sides due to the barricades up.

Total was 7.15ks in 41:07.

At least I'm running!


Tesso said...

Should've got him to throw some holy water on your foot.

Ewen said...

Great minds think alike. OK, I was going to say "to bless your foot".

Anonymous said...

Hey Paulie!

At the moment you seem to have the body of an elephant but the legs of a flamingo.

Sad you couldn't get to chat with Bennie cause perhaps the blond-haired purple Papal people-healer could've worked a miracle for ya'.

And ... - Canya believe it! Lil Bluey's done it again ? - picked up more bling at the State short-course X-Country last weekend.

I already had to spend a bucketload of cash gettin' extra foundations under our house 'cause all that gold he keeps winnin' was causing major subsidence.

Any more gold and our place will look like the inside of the Reserve Bank. I think his runnin career will really kick off when he turns 50 soon God bless his oversize heart.

He's goin to Canbra for the 60km ultra this Satdy then I suppose he will come back and run 53 or 54 at C2S. I don't think there is any distance the Lil F#@$er can't run!

I think Lil' Bluey really likes you a lot Paulie 'cause whenever I mention your name he just shakes his head and larfs. A lot.

Luv, Blue Dog's Mum. XXX