Saturday, July 04, 2009

Cross Country 8k

Down at Mutch Park at Pagewood for what was an 8k race for the endeavour cup between Sutho, Botany, and St George clubs. I was just making up numbers.
2k course with four laps to be done. Didn't get any splits at all but finished in 36:54 for the 8k. Average pace of 4:36/k.

P.S was smashed by Benny St Lawrence as he lapped me at my 4k mark while he was at the 6k. Broke the course record split for 6k and the 8k as well. Ran 24:27 I think for 8k. Won by about 500-700m at least.

Go Tim L in the GC Half. And everyone else running, except Tiger cause I want Tim to win.

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Ewen said...

Must have been a tough course. Harder than the Canberra 8k CC - Emily Brichacek ran 27:59 down here.