Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Easy 12k

Damn walkers with their walking poles tripped me up halfway through the run tonight. Basically cut open both hands, my hip, back and arm. And then I get "do you need any sugar for the shock." arghhhh!
Now my hip is all stiff. No bruise as yet but am waiting for one to show up tomorrow.

Run was good. 12k in 52:32. Average pace of 4:22/k. Must have run faster to stop the blood from leaking out of me. It was also raining which didn't help me tonight.

And the Poms 3 down at lunch. Yeehah!


Ewen said...

9 for 431 now - looks like a draw coming up.

That's what we call "doing a CJ" down here. You need photos of the gore though. Better than a fall on a gravel trail like I did a month or so ago.

Dave said...

Lucky that Blue Dog's mum is probably with him in the US otherwise I am sure she would have something to say about this situation...