Saturday, July 18, 2009

NSW Short Course Cross Country 7.5ks

We were to race at Camden originally this afternoon but it was changed a month ago to a park in Rydalmere. Course was all grass with a creek jump that was a bit muddy. Otherwise really nice and soft to run on.
Three loops of the 2.5k course for us guys. Forgot to look at the splits as I ran around past the start finish. But I think it was 10:30, 20:55 and 32:26 to finish. The last lap fade when I thought I was running faster. Maybe I should do some more training.
Saw your friend Ewen while I was doing my warmup half a lap.

Guz played with the teams so we were entered as the open B team instead of the 35+ team. Came away with a gold medal for the event.
Very happy as I now have a gold, silver(4x1500m 120+years track 2006) and bronze(state road 10k 2006) from teams events through Aths NSW.
The A team was a very close 2nd, the 45+ team was 3rd but would have won except Keith Bateman was borrowed for the A team points.

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Ewen said...

Yes, Bruce said he was cheering you all on. Sub-3 minute ks is good running from Westcott.

No bragging from Blue Dog's mum. Is he chicken or something?