Thursday, July 30, 2009

Marathon Pace 7ks

Didn't have time, due to work to do anything longer tonight so this was it.

7ks in 29:00. Average pace of 4:08 per klm. Oh crap 2 hr 54m Marathon pace.

Must get the pace back to 4:15's.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MLR 14ks

Sounds a bit short for that. Conditions were great to run in tonight. A bit of a breeze and not cold at all. Shorts and singlet was the go.
Along Manly Beach front a few times with the lights of the night divers lighting up the water in Fairy Bower.

Total was 14ks in 1:04.06. Average pace of 4:34 per klm.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hard to manage when I have not done much speed work of late. Thought I was going to run a Mona Fartlek tonight then changed my mind when I thought it was too windy for that.
Ran along the beach between Fairy Bower and Nth Steyne.

Reps were 7:47, 7:33, 7:39. Done with a 4 min walk recovery between each.

All felt good.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Recovery Run 9ks

Not really needing this as the legs felt fine tonight. Stayed on the grass for a fair amount of the run. Well for as much of it that is left at the beach anyway.

Total was 9.5ks in 46:47. Average pace of 4:55 per klm.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dee Why Dash STaR 30.1ks

An end to all the bush runs until just before Sydney Marathon. But no end to the relentless hills. Another H4 STaR on the Striders hill list this morning had us starting at Dee Why Surf Club and then running uphill and down a few until we reached the Oxford Falls valley. From there it was up to Belrose, down past Warringah Aquatic Centre, through Allambie heights, then downhill to North Manly.
Then ran along to Queenscliff and turned and took the scenic and hilly route back to Dee Why via Harbord, Freshwater, Curlie beaches and into Dee Why.
Hard work running with 2:45 marathon man John Binfield plus Jo Cowan as well. Speed was pretty quick for most of the run.

Total was 30.1ks in 2:23.19. Average pace of 4:45 per klm. Not bad for a very hilly STaR.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Possums, bandicoot and a rabbit

The things you see at the beach. Plus a couple of Striders as well. Ran with Tony and Gus Wong for a few ks tonight along the beach front.

Missed all the showers just the humdity stayed around. High tide so lots of water was coming over the breakwall due to no sand to stop it mostly.

Total was 12ks in 55:38. Average pace of 4:38 per k.

Ewen there is grass in the middle between the road and the beach. Runs from nearly the Corso for most of the way to Queenscliff surf club. A few personal trainers use it. Pretty hard grass though.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Recovery Run 7ks

Along Manly beachfront trying to run on as much grass as possible tonight. Very windy but warm as well. Shouldn't have worn the long sleeve top.
Total was 7.7ks in 38:56. Average pace of 5:03 per klm.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Davidson Recreation STaR 27ks

Another hilly training run on a sunny and chilly sunday morning. Started at Lindfield Oval and ran through East Killara, Killara, Roseville, Castle Cove and back through East Lindfield. We finished with 5ks of bush in the Garigal National Park.
Great run this morning as it was cool for the first couple of ks until my hands warmed up and then some leg smashing up and down hills, before finishing off with 5ks in the bush back to the Oval at Lindfield.
The STaR host had the fireplace going on the park as well.

Total was 27.1ks in 2:24.06. Average pace of 5:19 per klm. I'm sure the road running part was faster. The up and down stairs bit in parts of the bush, coupled with map reading skills probably slowed me a lot. Another hard run. Definitely was H4 but I think the Bush should be B5 not B8.

Next week Dee Why Dash with long hills but no bush.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

NSW Short Course Cross Country 7.5ks

We were to race at Camden originally this afternoon but it was changed a month ago to a park in Rydalmere. Course was all grass with a creek jump that was a bit muddy. Otherwise really nice and soft to run on.
Three loops of the 2.5k course for us guys. Forgot to look at the splits as I ran around past the start finish. But I think it was 10:30, 20:55 and 32:26 to finish. The last lap fade when I thought I was running faster. Maybe I should do some more training.
Saw your friend Ewen while I was doing my warmup half a lap.

Guz played with the teams so we were entered as the open B team instead of the 35+ team. Came away with a gold medal for the event.
Very happy as I now have a gold, silver(4x1500m 120+years track 2006) and bronze(state road 10k 2006) from teams events through Aths NSW.
The A team was a very close 2nd, the 45+ team was 3rd but would have won except Keith Bateman was borrowed for the A team points.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Easy 12k

Saw an endangered Bandicoot tonight down by Le Kiosk. Obviously attracted by the icecreams on offer.
Ran along the beachfront at Manly which still has part of the beach fenced off due to the massive erosion caused by storms in June. It does look like some has been put back onto the beach. Probably the council I guess trucking it in.

Total was 12ks in 55:43. Average pace of 4:38 per klm.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pymble Pushover STaR 26ks

Another run of H5 out of 5 on the Striders hill factor. Hills were not as long as Berowra last week, we just had more of them. I'm sure every 2nd street was a hill. Plus 8ks of bush but I did skip a bit at the end as I had to go early.

The tour starts in West Pymble and goes through Pymble, St Ives, North Turramurra, Turramurra, Wahroonga, Warrawee, South Turramurra and back home again.

A damn hard run in any case. Total for me was 26.3ks in 2:18.12. Average pace of 5:15 per klm.
Next week is only H4 and Bush 8, much easier.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Easy 12k

Damn walkers with their walking poles tripped me up halfway through the run tonight. Basically cut open both hands, my hip, back and arm. And then I get "do you need any sugar for the shock." arghhhh!
Now my hip is all stiff. No bruise as yet but am waiting for one to show up tomorrow.

Run was good. 12k in 52:32. Average pace of 4:22/k. Must have run faster to stop the blood from leaking out of me. It was also raining which didn't help me tonight.

And the Poms 3 down at lunch. Yeehah!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Berowra Big Dipper STaR 30ks

Was worried when I showed up to start with the 6:20 group and the other 3 runners all do 34-36 for 10k. So it was a bit of hard work for me to stay with the group for most of the run. Eventually lost them on the single track stairs as you start to go towards the Berowra ferry. Caught up to them at the ferry but let them go as I had to use the toilet.

Was smashed by the hills in this run. They were just relentless. The run up from the ferry is 4.6ks all up hill. Had a fall in one bush section almost drowning myself in a muddy creek crossing. After that fall I was a bit slower going back to the start.

The course is effectively a tour of every street, bush track and hill in Berowra and Berowra heights. Rated H5 out of 5 with 10ks of bush. Mosman 2 weeks ago was rated the same but this was the hardest STaR I have ever done.

Finished without the other guys as I never saw them again after the ferry and they had gone before I arrived back. Didn't stay long after the run as I had a birthday brunch to go to.

Total was 30ks in 2:46.20. Average pace of 5:32 per klm. I'm sure some part of this run today was good for Sydney Marathon training.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Cross Country 8k

Down at Mutch Park at Pagewood for what was an 8k race for the endeavour cup between Sutho, Botany, and St George clubs. I was just making up numbers.
2k course with four laps to be done. Didn't get any splits at all but finished in 36:54 for the 8k. Average pace of 4:36/k.

P.S was smashed by Benny St Lawrence as he lapped me at my 4k mark while he was at the 6k. Broke the course record split for 6k and the 8k as well. Ran 24:27 I think for 8k. Won by about 500-700m at least.

Go Tim L in the GC Half. And everyone else running, except Tiger cause I want Tim to win.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Black Rabbit 7k

Spotted a rabbit as I ran past it near the car park at Fairy Bower sitting there eating the grass. Where is my fathers old rabbit gun?

Tried to run faster tonight but the lungs are still full of the lingering cold so ended up wheezing my way around 7ks along the beachfront.

Total was 7ks in 30:17. Average pace of 4:19 per klm. Was trying to run at MP pace of 4:12/k.