Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sydney Marathon 3:27.54= PW

Arrived at the start line fairly early to see the half go off up onto the Bridge. Discovered shortly after that I needed to use the toilet again despite going at Nth Sydney Station. So 25 mins in the line and only getting to the start line 5 mins before the gun made me nervous.

The ITB was still sore while I stood on the start line near the 3hr pacers and Uncle Dave the 2:50 pacer. I felt ok for the first 10ks where I stayed with the 3hr group going through that in 42:15. But from entering the park at the drink station I found it difficult to get any drive out of my legs. They just felt dead and I wished I was at that stage too.

I reached the 14k in 1:00.20 which would mean I could be close to 3hrs if I could run all even splits back to the finish. Yeah sure! My pace was going by this stage and I was being passed by more and more runners. Between 14k and half way I struggled to keep the pace again. I was passed by one of the 3:15 pacers at the 22k mark. He was way too quick as Steve Hume the other 3:15 pacer didn't pass me until we crossed Darling Harbour. Half way was reach in 1:33.45. Only 3:45 off the pace I needed. My legs were not feeling good and I had to take the only GU I had one me at the 23k drink station. Lucky I use the GU's so just picked up others on the way when I needed them.

Struggled back towards the City being passed by Nando again after we swapped places outside CP. It was great to have CT, JT and Marty Doak talked to me along here as I was feeling like throwing in the towel the leg hurt so much. Thought I couldn't as Blue Dog's Mum would surely die with laughter if she heard.

Crossed darling harbour and up heartbreak hill to Norton St. Long, hot and steamy is not something I need during a marathon. The crowd at Norton St was fifteen deep and really perked me up a bit to get rolling down the hill back to the city. Caught up with Peter Truscott here as we moved back through the city onto Hickson Rd. Was passed by the 3:30 pacer near Pier One and remarked what time are you pacing? 3:30 on gun time. So was I, and as you see from my gun time he didn't wait for stragglers and was pacing way too fast.

Getting past the Passenger terminal I came across a woman playing a violin just before the CR cheersquad. Very nice. The cheer squad must have been a 100 deep as I went through and the noise was awesome. Thank you all. Even though I felt like crap and was running like a melting chocolate at that stage. Caught up to a Strider after the cheer squad and we ran to the finish together through the largest crowds I have ever seen at the finish. The noise was unreal and made you feel like the late Kerryn McCann entering the G at the end of the Marathon. Special as Bruce McAvaney would say. Go Cats!

Finished in 3:27.54 a new PW for a marathon. A second half split of 1:54.09. What a shocker. After passing the finish I felt a bit faint and the St Johns first aid people grabbed me and took me into the tent for heat exhaustion. Had my temp 1 degree over normal so they wouldn't let me out until that went down. So sat in the tent for 40 mins with ice on my neck and head. Felt great actually. Saw some real bad collapses while I was in the tent too. Not pretty. When I got out I made it off to get my medal and t-shirt which are better than 2 years ago. Had a brief stop at the Striders tent and then found Eagle and Seris walking over to the Orient Hotel so I joined the crowd there for post run drinks and food.

Spoke to Rags at the Orient and mentioned Boston was off as I needed a 3:20.59 to get the qualifier. But I am considering doing Hobart in January to do the qualifier. Thanks for everyones support out on the course and through reading the blog. Much appreciated.
I still can't walk properly as the calves and quads are still screaming at me.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Went to a physio recommended by the Doctor tonight. She tried to release the pressure on my ITB which I guess she did to some degree as I was able to walk out a bit better than when I went in.
Have to do a few more stretches before the race and stay off the anti-inflams as they may mess with my stomach.

Monday, September 14, 2009

An injury

The training was getting more difficult for the legs after the 25k Sunday week. On Wednesday when I ran 10k it was a real struggle to get through that amount as my leg/hip hurt so much.

Went for my first run yesterday since Wednesday and only lasted 1k as the leg hurt so much.

Anyway, this morning I went off to the Sports Doc who worked out that I have hurt the bursa that is close to the hip on my ITB. Yes the dreaded ITB.

Took the quick option and had an x-ray and then a cortisone injection into the bursa. Not painful at all as long as you don't look at the needle. I was a bit pale the Doc said.

Have some anti-inflams to take and need to see a physio this week for a pummel and I will be right to have a run on Thursday and then do the Marathon. This Doc worked with the Wallabies so he knows a bit about sports injuries.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

MLR 10ks

It has come to this in the taper, only 10ks to run.
Ran along Manly beach front tonight. Quite windy as well.

Total was 10ks in 46:52. Average pace of 4:41 per klm.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Unusual version of the fartlek I must say. Not the traditional Mona version anyway.
It was 2x60sec/2x60 float
2x30sec/2x30 float
2x60sec/2x60 float
2x30sec/2x30 float

Total was 3.1ks in the 12 mins. Average pace of 3:52 per klm.
Did a 2k warmup before starting and a 2k cool down back home again. Ran along the beachfront at Manly in the lighted area so I could see the watch better.

I forgive mini burger for trying to be another speedhump at North Head. Pace is one thing lacking this campaign. Hopefully the long runs can bring me home in the Marathon as they have been getting easier the more I have done.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Middle Harbour Picnic STaR 25k

Very hilly course through Killarney Heights, Forestville, Seaforth, Mosman, Cammeray, Castle Cove and back to the finish at Roseville. Took the short option with 4 others so only did 25k.

Total was 25.2k in 1:58.14. Average pace of 4:41/k. Run is H4 on the Striders hill factor.

Next 2 weeks will be a lot easier on the legs.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Striders North Head 10k

Can I claim a 2009 10k PB? Crap race, which was how my stomach felt before it too. Beaten by Fats pushing a pram, although he is a lot faster runner than me.

39:46 and I feel less confident about keeping any pace at Sydney in 2 weeks time.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

ES Marks 4x1k Reps

Too late Ewen I was out training when you left the comment. Leg still feels sore tonight.

Crap conditions to run in tonight. Water on the track, 15 degrees, 80% humidity and 20k per hour wind gusts. Plus heaps of people I had to overtake as CanToo were doing some laps(5k I think).
There were some faster runners doing 800's who went past real quick. I was hearing 65 sec laps from their coach.

Reps were 3:26, 3:29, 3:30, 3:27. All done with a 2 min walk recovery.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

MLR 14ks

I was supposed to do 16k tonight but my legs are still sore from Sundays run. Specifically my right thigh muscle.
Very windy out tonight but it wasn't cold.
Ran along Manly Beachfront again.

Total was 14ks in 68:05. Average pace of 4:51 per klm.