Saturday, May 07, 2011

Striders 10k Homebush

A bit cool this morning. Hands were very cold before I did a 2k warmup to get the blood moving.
Gave a few people a rundown on Boston urging everyone to do it when they get a qualifier as the race is that good with all the crowd cheering for you.

Race wasn't that flash going through 5k in about 19:35 and then finishing in 39:41. I'm listed as unknown on the Striders results for some reason?

Might take awhile to find some short speed again after the Marathon. Just need to find it by the time C2S rolls around so I can run under 55 mins.

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Ewen said...

An unknown Paul? Pay your membership t!ghtar$e. Boston, yes want to run. Maybe in the 55+ I'll qualify.