Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas STaR and Brunch 20ks

21 degrees and 63% humidity this morning and up to 25 degrees by the finish. Felt hotter at the finish as the sun was out.
Started at Lilyfield this year and ran along the bay run and over the new Iron Cove Bridge to Drummoyne, then through to Russell Lea, Chiswick, Abbotsford and out to Canada Bay before going back through Five Dock and Rodd Point to the finish.
Small group. Only Fats, Action, Shaun, Frank Z, EJ and one other.

Fats and Action dropped us at Abbotsford as they took off doing 4 min ks to the finish.

Total was 20.1ks in 1:33:43. Average pace of 4:39 per klm.

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Ewen said...

Nice run Paul. I was barely doing quicker than that for 1k reps at Stromlo.