Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Quarry Rd 25ks

17 degrees and 82% humidity at the start with a good 20k southerly blowing as well.

Up to Hornsby this morning to do Horrie's Quarry Rd Christmas Bash.  About 30 of us out from both ends of the track. The trail was nice and soft with the almost 2 inches of rain we had in the last 2 days.

Don't do much trail running other than any Striders STaR that has bush in it. It is only a road after all and not a rocky trail.

Laps were 69:36, which is a PB for a lap for me. But 72:21 for the 2nd as the legs were shot on the uphill from the bridge which is 1.8ks. Ran with Tucks for about 1k on the 2nd lap before he was gone off in the distance.

Total was 25.42ks in 2:21:57. Average pace of 5:35 per klm. PB for the 2 laps was 2:20 in 2006, so just missed it.

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Ewen said...

Nice Paul. A tad over 4 hour 6' pace.