Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Beyond the Black Stump Fatass 24k

Humid start at 6am with about 20 others. 93% and 19 degrees. But no fog in the valley like normal.
Ran hard to the ferry but still wasn't beaten by one other by about 6 mins. We waited for another 2 mins for the ferry to leave but to no avail as 5 others caught up with us. All good fun.

Ran hard up the hill to Berrilee and was 2nd up behind the same guy that beat me to the ferry. Only ran out to the gate before the Castle and turned there to go back.
Ran down the hill hard doing 4 min ks at one stage. But the ferry was sitting on the opposite side waiting as there were no cars. Meant a 5 min wait before I got on.

Ran back up the road as I hate the bush track back, to the finish. Total was 24.5ks in 2:29:23. Faster than last year by 10 mins. But I was a bit unfit at the start of last year.
Couple of good hills on the course which whould help.

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