Sunday, January 27, 2013

Manly, Curl Curl, Belrose hills 35ks

Slept through the alarm this morning as I intended to run the Striders Pymble STaR which is a hard hilly run with 8ks of bush. Lucky I did as I heard the front come through with 50k winds and heavy rain. Start was 21 degrees, 89% humidity and raining slightly.

Procrastinated about running in the rain and finally got out at 2PM for a run in the rain. Plan was to run from Fairy Bower up to Curl Curl along the coast. Few hills in there and a bit windy as well.
Then I saw the hill going into Dee Why and decided to run over to Warringah Rd and go up that to Beacon Hill instead. 2ks up the hill wasn't fun.

From there it was over to Oxford Falls and linking on to the Striders DY star run. Crossed Oxford Falls and had the 4 rolling hills up to Belrose to contend with. Plus the rain became heavier after Belrose. Not fun. Then down to Frenchs Forest and across Warringah Rd to the usual servo drink stop.

Then across Wakehurst Parkway to Warringah Aquatic Centre and the rolling hills up and down through Allambie heights before meeting Warringah Golf Club and some flat roads. Crossed Queenscliff Lagoon which due to the rain was only about 2ft from going over the road.
Then just ran back along Manly ocean front to home. Athe finish it was still 21 degrees, 90% humidity and raining heavier. Surf was massive on all beaches today. I give the course an H5 B0 rating.

All up 35.1ks in 2:51:25. Average pace of 4:53 per klm.

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Ewen said...

You should put that one up as a new STaR. Hill wimps such as myself would love it.