Sunday, January 06, 2013

Homebush Hustle STaR 30ks

19 degree start and 93% humidity, finishing in 25 degrees. Just myself and Chris Dwyer to start with then we picked up Cam Arnold just up the road plus another runner Brendan who was late at about the 8k mark. Also had Ray Wareham join us at one stage as he had started early thinking no-one would do 6:20 start.
Start was Concord West, through Olympic Park, Newington, and down to the river. Up and over Silerwater Rd bridge and then along through Meadow Bank and back across to Rhodes, Mortlake, Breakfast Point, Cabarita and back to Concord.

Finished on my own as Chris ran some ks earlier and stopped at Cabarita to get his car. All up 30.1ks in 2:21:30. Average pace of 4:42 per klm.

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Ewen said...

Chris is still running well for an old bloke - mid 2:30s marathon if I recall correctly.

The way things are going, 6' might be cancelled this year due to fire danger!