Thursday, July 22, 2010

12K @ MP

11 degrees, 20k winds and 70% humidity. Not ideal to run in tonight.
Ran from home to Queenscliff Surf club, past the lagoon meeting about 50 ducks grazing on the grass in the dark.
Then did a couple of laps around Manly Golf Club and back home again.

Total was 12.01ks in 49:09. Average pace of 4:06/k. Getting easier to hold this pace. Must get the distance out further though.

Action has run 32 City 2 Surfs Ewen and it has only briefly showered during the race once. There have been days where it has rained but not during the race, so I have faith that it will be dry again. I've done all bar one since 2002(spectating injured) and it hasn't rained yet.

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Ewen said...

I remember that one (but not the year). It's usually a pretty good day, although warm for us coming out of -4 to 10C days.