Tuesday, July 27, 2010

6x1k Reps

This session hasn't seen the light of day since about 2008 from memory?
Ran along Manly beach front for these reps, nice and flat and not too crowded with pedestrians. Except my brother and sister in law out walking.

It was a beautiful 15 degrees and about 60% humidity. Wind was apparently only 5ks but it felt stronger when I had to run back into it. Did a 2k warmup before starting and a 2k cool down after I finished.

Reps were 3:39, 3:29, 3:37, 3:23, 3:33, 3:23. All done with a 2 min walk recovery. I know recovery was slack. The odd number reps were into the Northerly breeze.


Anonymous said...

Gee Flakey, after looking at your 1k reps i'm going down to Centrebet to put more cash on you beating the Kanser in C2S.More money on you then there was for the Green fight last week:)
See you Sat for a final hitout.

Hamburglar said...

Some solid reps there Flakey

Ewen said...

1k reps are good value. You did well with those - good enough speed for a C2S PB.