Saturday, July 10, 2010

State Road Relays 4x4k- 14:44=PB

Striders were a little short on numbers for the relays this afternoon at Wollongong.
Two runners ran in the opens and 35+ teams.

I was off 3rd in the 35+ team. Forgot to start the watch so have no idea of the time. I know Chris Truscott ran 1st and did 12:25 and the team did 57:56, but that is all I know. It looked like we were sixth in the 35+, no doubt due to Chris running.

The race felt slower than I wanted, for some reason I ended up in the same leg as Harry Summers from Randwick. Of course Harry was already on his 2nd lap when he went past me at about my 1.5k mark.

Edit: time for my split was 14:44. A PB for the road relays over the 2007 time of 15:04. Must have been from chasing Harry Summers.

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Ewen said...

That's a good back-up from Chris. Noticed his name in the GC results.