Thursday, November 29, 2012

Centennial Park 6x1k Reps

23 degrees. 77% humidity. 30k wind gusts.
Tried to hide from the wind with the trees in Centennial Park. Worked in some parts but in others I was running straight into the wind.

Reps were 3:31, 3:29, 3:36, 3:37, 3:30, 3:38. All done with a 90 sec walk recovery.

Did a 2k warmup and 2k cool down.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

MLR 19ks

21 Degrees and 80% humidity. Definitely late Spring in Sydney. Wasn't nice to run in and felt very tired.
Ran from work up to and around Anzac Pde, SFS, SCG, Fox Studios and Centennial Park and then back to work.
Not a lot of bikes out tonight which is unusual.

Total was 19.5ks in 1:30:32. Average pace of 4:38 per klm.

Maybe only track races until March Ewen. Good luck to everyone trying to get there guaranteed spot for Six Foot tomorrow.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Central Coast Half Marathon

Since Action had certified the course a few years ago I had been wanting to run this one again as it is flat along concrete bike paths.
Thought it would be a good idea this year but then the hot weather decided to come over the weekend along with the humidity which didn't help.
Plus the 4am wakeup left me pretty tired at the start line. Are you getting the picture?

Marty Dent won in 65:50. We all thought he had retired for the year after winning the Fernleigh 15 a couple of weeks ago.

I was out ok going through 3k in 11:30 but after that I was just fading along and hoping the turnaround(out and back course) would hurry up.
Got to the 10.5k in 43:40 and to the finish in 1:31:22. Not good. With over 700 people in the half and 700 also in the 10k that started later the run back for passing wasn't too flash with only a single lane bike path.

Had to drink bucket loads of water at the finish just to get my body temp back down to a normal level so I would pass out in the car on the freeway.

It wasn't hot but 20 degrees at the start with 90% humidity during the race didn't help. Maybe I just suck this year at racing.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

8x400m Reps

Ran along Manly beach front tonight. Very windy with the southerly blowing so times were all over the place.

84, 79, 82, 81, 83, 78, 80, 81. All done with a 200m walk recovery.

Did a 2k warmup and 2k cool down.

MLR 13ks

Shorter on tonight due to the race on Sunday. Did a few laps around the running track in Centennial Park. Was pretty windy with the 30k Northerly sea breeze blowing. Even with all the trees it didn't help much.

Total was 13ks in 56:48. Average pace of 4:22 per klm.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Martin Rd 5x1k Reps

Did a 2k warmup and a 2k cool down after finishing. Ran into Con in Centennial Park who suggested Blue Dog's Mum was a bit pyscho. I agreed.

Did the reps around Martin Rd and Robertson Rd outside Centennial Park. Having to dodge the cars leaving from netball and softball was not fun.

Reps were 3:29, 3:38, 3:29, 3:34, 3:33. All done with a 400m walk recovery.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Centennial Park 25ks

Couldn't get to the Striders STaR this morning due to work commitments so ran instead just after midday. Picked up a nice singlet tan with the lunchtime sun. Was only 23 degrees. Must have been the pasty white winter tan couldn't handle it.

Ran from work up and around SFS, SCG, Moore Park, Fox Studios and Centennial Park. It was very windy, upwards of 40k Northerly blowing made it hard to run.

Total was 25.3ks in 1:58:29. Average pace of 4:41 per klm.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Centennial Park 8k

A great run in the rain tonight with no-one around. The light was fading due to the cloud getting heavier and the sun going down as I did a couple of laps.
The rain did back off to drizzle by the end but was pretty heavy for most of the run.

Total was 8ks in 34:46. Average pace of 4:20 per k.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

MLR 21ks

With JP Morgan race on in Centennial Park tonight I headed off from work early hoping to see a few runners that I know doing the lap.
Just missed the start up the hill at Oxford St so ran down in the reverse direction to the race to catch them coming past at Lang Rd horse entrance.
Saw plenty of Striders and other club runners, but mostly only stayed until the first few females had gone through and then took off.

Tucks was in 4th at about the 4.8k mark leaning on the shoulder of 3rd, with Tom coming about 10m behind in a pack of 4 chasing hard. Who won that battle? Could be Tucks by 8 secs as per Timmys blog?

Saw Moh and we did a couple of ks around Robertson Rd and the Oval before we went our seperate ways. Total was 21ks in 1:34:59. Average pace of 4:31 per klm.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

City 2 Sea 14k - 56:30

I had to be in Melbourne for work on Monday and Tuesday so decided to forgo the State 3000m on Saturday night and run a fun run in Melbourne on sunday morning.
Did a late entry and was still able to get a preferred start. They only had about 50 with preferred and seeded starts. 11,000 entries but as per usual 9000 finishers which was probably starters as well as you don't usually have that many DNF's in a 14k run.

Lined up almost behind Olympian Michael Shelley. God he is skinny. Race didn't go according to what I wanted but that is probably because I want to run faster than my fitness allows. Pretty dumb really.

The course is basically flat so if I was fit my time would have been a lot faster. Splits off the mats were: 4.20k in 16:24, 10k in 40:11, finish in 56:30. Better speed than last weeks Run4fun over a longer distance.

I was faster after the 10k mark than I ran from the 4.2k to the 10k mark. Must have been a faster finish with the line in sight. Course was good and wide enough to get more numbers if Fairfax keep organising it.

Michael Shelley won in 41:02. With Tarli Bird 1st female in 50:51. I was ahead of the 1st two females for about 1k.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

10x400m Reps

20 degrees and 80% humidity.
Ran along Federation Way outside Centennial Park for these. Only draw back was a few walkers, cyclists and bats coming in to feed. Plus a pending thunderstorm.

Reps were 81, 84, 84, 87, 79, 83, 82, 80, 81, 83. All done with a 60 second walk recovery.

Heavy rain caught me on the last rep as I was making a run for the car. Not doing Fishers Ghost Ewen. Have a different race on the agenda.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

MLR 16ks

21 degrees. 80% humidty and wind gust up to 30ks. Not as windy as last night but the humidity was much worse. Thought I was in Brisbane.

Ran from work up to Anzac Pde via Kensington and then around the SFS, SCG and Fox Studios and then back to work.
Total was 16.1ks in 1:16:01. Average pace of 4:43 per klm.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

One minute on, One minute off

21 degrees, 75% humidity and wind gusts up to 50ks an hour. Not fun to run in when I had a head wind.

Managed a couple of laps around Centennial Park doing one minute on, one minute off.

Basically the faster ones were about 3:45/k pace and the slow ones 4:15/k pace.

Total was 30 mins for 7.45ks. Average pace of 4:01 per klm. Happy with that.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Manly 11ks

21 degrees. 76% humidity and wind gusts up to 40ks an hour.
Ran along Manly Ocean front up to Manly golf club and back. Plenty of people still out with daylight saving.

Total was 11.5ks in 50:38. Average pace of 4:24 per klm.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Run 4 Fun 10k

Instead of last years heat it was a much cooler 17 degree start albeit with 84% humidity at Homebush. Wondered why I was sweating so much.
Race went ok until about the 4k mark when my left calf decided to cramp up again. Must be still a problem from the Melbourne Marathon.

Finished in 41:02 after having a preferred start. Just realised as well that this crap time is a race PB for me. Shows how bad I do the race each year.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

MLR 12ks

I know Timmy loves a weather report. 29 degrees and 30k winds with gusts up to 50ks as the Southerly started to blow tonight.

Ran from work up to Centennial Park and did a lap of the running track and came back. One calf is still playing up and gets tight after about 5ks. Very annoying.

Total was 12ks in 56:16. Average pace of 4:41 per klm. Not sure it is long enough for an MLR?