Sunday, June 07, 2009

Epping Fun Run 8k

Love a fun run. And for only $10.
Went out to Epping for an 8k run around a few hills of Epping and North Epping. Started near the Epping Club and eventually went over the rail line via the stairs and through a few streets of North Epping to finish with a lap of Epping Oval.

Well marshalled and with a couple of water stops en route. Striders Glenn Guzzo and Megan Tuminello took out the 1st places respectively.
About 200 people I think did the run and the walk.
Good fun and some hard hills to contemplate. Finished in 33:18 for 16th spot.

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Ewen said...

Guzzo raced the 10k the day before! Dr JH has won that one quite a few times.

33:20 is pretty good going for a hilly course.