Sunday, June 28, 2009

North Head 10k

First run in a week due to an ongoing cold that I have. Right in my lungs so doesn't help the running.
Went out for a run this afternoon after feeling too tired this morning to do anything. Ran up to North Head and back down to the roundabout and back up again.
Approaching rain sent the natives that were sightseeing running for the cover of their cars.

Total was 10.5ks in 49:45. Average pace of 4:44 per klm. Quite a hilly run getting up to the head and then down hill when I came back down at the end.

P.S Timinerko to smash Easy Tiger at Gold Coast half.


Rob said...

Hilly and chilly I bet. Nothing like running in the rain in winter.

A pretty goo 10k nevertheless Flakey.

Ewen said...

Sounds like the QLD rain is coming down your way. Good!

Who to smash who? All I know is that Rob is going to smash 3:10!