Saturday, June 20, 2009

State Longcourse cross country 12k=PB

Nearly missed the start as the traffic was so bad driving down to Nowra because of the rain. And I was stuck at work a bit too long. Basically a mad dash from the carpark to pay, check my name off, head for the loo and then start the race. No warmup at all.

The course was in great condition. Hardly had any rain at Nowra this week unlike Sydney. A bit slippery on only one of the little hills on the course. Heartbreak hill at the back of the farm was just as tough as always.

Started out ok and ran 17:55 for the 1st lap and then 19:00(36:55) for the 2nd lap and finished off fast with 18:30 for the last lap. Completed in 55:25 which is a PB for me since the last time I ran it was in 2006 in 57:10.

We may have won a team medal in the 45+ but I had to leave to go back for the Pies v Swans match at ANZ.

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Ewen said...

Well done Paul. That's not bad for that course - walked around it with my brother a couple of years ago - I remember 'the hill'!