Sunday, August 09, 2009

City 2 Surf 56:37=PB

I'm over the moon. A 1:22 PB from I don't know where. No raw speedwork, no hill reps and a hangover. Flakes patent pending C2S training strategy. Long Arms would not be impressed.

Arrived about 7am and had coffee with a few Striders in the starbucks on Park St then wandered over about 7:30am where my worst clothes and my hobos blanket(yes really) found in a dumpster this morning.
Was chatting with Vurt, Tesso, Greg, overthehill(spidey) and greg before the start. Plus Duffman dressed as superman paid us a visit.

Start went well if a little slow up William St for me. Was passed by heaps of people and then took the right side through the tunnel. Very clear through there as most went left. Came out the end and fought the Edgecliff Hill and thoughts of am I going too fast at this stage. Anyway turned out I reached the 5k in about 20:30 which I think was way behind two years ago. Got to the bottom heartbreak hill in 24:19. Good pace for me. Kept it very steady up the hill trying to go racing line as much as possible.

7K or 7.2k I think someone measured this year was reached in 29:45. A PB for the clock spot, but it moves a bit each year so no big panic yet.
Was feeling good after the hill so kept the pressure on to run fast to Bondi. The 10k was reached in 41:30 which was a 45 sec C2S 10k PB for me. Same spot each year I think?
A couple of the hills from there to the 11.5k really did my head in this year as I sped up only to be deflated by a hill. I was moving ok and body and dodgy foot was feeling great so pressed on downhill to Bondi. Heard a couple of shouts from CR's around Nth Bondi just had no time to tell who.

Had a strong run along Campbell Pde to the finish passing plenty of people. I had harboured thoughts at the 13k mark of something in the 55 range but mucked up what I was reading on the watch.
Finished in 56:37 a 1:22 PB. Can't believe it. No real speedwork or hill reps just some long Striders hilly STaR runs for endurance.
Nice negative split again for me 29:45/26:52. I thought at the start I wouldn't get close to 60 mins as I wasn't feeling good about my running. How wrong I was. Thanks to the Striders who set up the tent hours earlier in the day for us to indulge later at Bondi. Sorry missed the Bondi Htl again.
Edit: Adjusted the time as results give me 56:37.


Hamburglar said...

Woo Hoo

Tom said...

Great run Paul. You seem to thrive on the regularly long Sunday runs.

glenda said...

Awesome, well done...must give you confidence going into Sydney

Johnny Dark said...

A fine effort Paul. You looked in total control at 13k.

Sydney looking better and better.

Ewen said...

Well done Paul - any C2S PB is a good one. Next year, sub-55.

Not sure what you're talking about though with 'no speedwork'. What's 4 x 2k in 7-something?

David Criniti said...

Well done mate. Bodes well for a sub-3 in the not-too-distant future.


Anonymous said...

Paulie, here is my son's autograph, I'm sure you will find it very inspirational -

***** BLUE DOG *****

Sub-3 is so passe. Lil' Bluey should have waited 'til he turned 70 so it would be more of a challenge.

How embarrassing would it be if he kicked your arse in Sydney a week after he runs the Glasshouse 100?

Anyway don't worry about it.

Luv, Blue Dog's Mum.

Eagle said...

Nice run Paul. Older but wiser.