Friday, October 16, 2009

Manly beach 7k

Still windy and the beach was crowded around Shelley with drunks mostly. Buggers get in the way.
Ran down to Queenscliff surf club and back. Total was 6.85ks in 28:44. Average pace of 4:11 per klm. Damn drunks made me run faster dodging them.

Probaly won't see Kastor vs Willis as they start 15mins before the elite males/pack start.

Long Run Sunday and then I'm having a crack at an 800m at Narrabeen Saturday week. Nice springy track in a bushland setting. PB is my only 800m race from 2 years ago of 2:32.

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Ewen said...

Yes, it's a good track. I ran 2:19 there about 20 years ago! Get in some short sprints this week - maybe 200s in 34-5.