Thursday, October 15, 2009

Same as last night

Still windy. 20ks with 30k wind gusts.
Ran along Manly beach again. It took the World Masters Games to be on for the council to finally buy some sand and cover the rocks up that were exposed during winter. They really are a crap council. So fitting that the fountain outside of the wharf is called the steaming turd. No water comes out just lots of steam.

Total was 11.85ks in 50:58. Average pace of 4:18/k.

Intend on doing the 3000m next month Ewen. And then Hobart Marathon in January. I might do the Great Australian Run as well. Not sure yet.

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Ewen said...

The Great Australian Run would be a good one. Deena Kastor v Benita.

Keep getting the long runs in for Hobart.