Sunday, October 18, 2009

Surf Club Swim, Run & Flags

After the run this morning my legs really didn't feel like doing much.
I did the swim in which we were all off scratch as it was the first race of the season. A leisurely long swim this morning in pretty flat surf.
The run was a bit better but I had no pace so couldn't catch first place who beat me by about 50m in an 800m race on the sand.

After that was musical flags where you lie in the sand away from a lot of pieces of hose stuck in the ground 20m away and try and beat others to it without being knocked out. Lots of pushing and shoving when you dive for a hose. Came 2nd in that event as well.

My handicap for the run will probably be screwed next time I do it. The flags has no handicaps which is good. Just pace off the sand does that one.

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Ewen said...

I'm impressed with 2nd in the flags! Maybe you should run the 100m instead of the 3000.

Your STaR runners seem wimpier than ours - we had 4 for that shocker of a day a couple of weeks back.