Saturday, October 24, 2009

Narrabeen Track 800m-2:39.62

Oh what a crap race. Just couldn't get the legs to move at all.
The timing clock wasn't working but I heard 76 first lap and obviously 83 for the 2nd.

We did have wind gusts of 20ks an hr but that is no excuse.

The winner in the 35+ race ran 2:13. The open race was won by James Roff in 1:57. Assume he is Jeremys brother?

Tomorrow is Striders internal half on the Lane Cove course. I have a generous 90min handicap.

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Ewen said...

? Maybe Thursday's 200s were too close to Saturday? Legs sore? 31 sec 200s should give you low 2:20s at least. Strange.

Hope the half went well and you cracked the 90 minute barrier.