Sunday, March 28, 2010

Iron Cove Bolter STaR 28ks

Written on the map as 29.5ks but I ended up with 28.5ks. Very humid this morning for the start at Drumoyne, with a run around the Bay Run and Timbrell Park and then across the Iron Cove bridge and back through Drumoyne, across the Gladesville bridge(steep hill), around Huntleys Point and Hunters Hill and then back across the Gladesville Bridge again, then through Russell Lea and Five Dock before doing part of the Bay Run back to the start.

Ran with Tom, Jo Cowan, Fats after a few ks, Silverfox and Shaun A. Fats and Tom got too fast before the Gladesville bridge so they went ahead. Maybe us doing 4:55/5:00 ks was a bit slow.
Shaun A and myself went the full distance back through the Sri Chinmoy racers.

Total was 28.5ks in 2:18:26. Average pace of 4:51/k. A bit too slow at the start but I was doing 4:15-4:20/ks for the last 5.

Is Sydney tropical?
Start 6:20am Temp 21. Humidity 92%. Finish 9:00am Temp 23. Humidity 82%.
No wonder it took me hours to get my body temp back down.

Friday, March 26, 2010

8K @ MP

Very windy again tonight with the Nor Easter blowing. But there was a bright moon which made it easier to run in the dark areas.
Ran along Manly Beach front up to the Great Moscow Circus tent and back.
Yes Edgeley has brought the circus out again. I've seen differing versions of the circus so many times I can't remember.

Ran 8.04ks in 33:26. Average pace of 4:09 per klm. Still a bit too quick for what I want.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

3x2k Reps

Very windy tonight with the Nor Easter blowing hard on the coast.
Ran along Manly beach front which has no protection from it.

Reps were 7:30, 7:40, 7:33. All done with a 4 min walk recovery.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MLR 16ks

Ran from work over to Centennial Park and did a couple of laps inside before it got too dark to see. Actually on the 2nd lap it was pretty dark without any lights.
Ran back to work after that.

All up 16.01ks in 1:09:16. Average pace of 4:19 per klm. Felt good tonight.

No run last night Ewen. Chinese dinner at Phoenix Restaurant. Roast Daffy was great.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Recovery, what?

Recovery? More like a very lazy I can't be bothered running tonight run?

5.77ks in 31:50. Is that slack! Lots of talent out tonight.

Ran along Manly Beach front. Did see Strider Richard Green running past in the other direction at one stage.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Surf club swim, board, flags & run

A nasty long swim this morning with a nice rip that we had to navigate back in to the beach. I was swimming on the spot so long I thought I was drowning. In fact I think I was as my legs had given up after the run this morning.

The board was ok, I just crashed on that and paddled out around the buoys and back. I think I was 6th?
Flags was a joke as they decided to do water starts. Knocked out early.

Couldn't run hard so the run up to black rock on the soft sand was a struggle. Managed 4th.

A tiring mornings work. A bbq and beers added to my sleepiness in the afternoon.

Western Wanderer STaR 29ks

A very warm start this morning. 22 degrees in the inner westie suburb of Drumoyne. Home of the Dirty Reds Rugby Club. Yes it is real.
Start at Drumoyne Rowers car park and then ran through Drumoyne hmmm, Russell Lea, Chiswick, Abbotsford, Wareemba, Canada Bay, Cabarita, and then around Concord Golf Course.

Just before the turn out to Cabarita most of the 6:20 group went short and it was up to Action and myself to uphold the law. When we eventually caught up to the 6:00 group we were clocking 4:10-4:15/ks. A bit too quick for me so I let Action go near Concord Golf course. He's off to London to teach the Poms how to run in April.

We go around the course then run back through Canada Bay, Five Dock, Rodd Pt and back to the start at Drumoyne. I went short at the bay turn.
Total was 28.8ks in 2:14:46. Average pace of 4:40 per klm. Hard work this morning.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Darley Rd 10x210m Hill Reps

Really didn't feel like doing these at all. They must be done though if I ever want to run up a hill in a race again.
10 reps in a bit of humidity with people traffic getting in the way on the hill.

Did a 2k warmup and a 2k cool down after finishing.

Reps about 50-57 up and about 60-65 back down again to recover.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MLR 13ks

Ran along Manly Beach tonight. Plenty of people getting in the way as per normal.
The NE seabreeze was a bit strong at times, up to 15k and gusts up to 25k.

Total was 13.36ks in 1:01:08. Average pace of 4:34/k. A bit short in distance.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Centennial Park 25ks

Slept in this morning missing the Striders STaR again. But I did see a few Striders running around Centennial Park and Anzac Pde as the STaR was doing part of the Sydney Mara course.

Did a couple of laps outside of the park and then a lap on the inside. Still feeling no rythym when I am running at the moment.

Total was 25.57 ks in 2:02:05. Average pace of 4:46 per klm.

Was a cool start to the morning with 16 degrees. Coldest for the month. Made it good to run in.

Friday, March 12, 2010

7k @ MP

Ran along Manly Beach for this. Thought I was doing ok until I turned back into the 20k Southerly blowing. It was hard work on the way back.

Total was 7.06ks in 29:21. Average pace of 4:09 per klm. Oops. A bit quick for marathon pace. Legs felt ok and breathing was pretty good too.

Not running Six Foot Ewen or spectating. Good luck with the race.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MLR 16ks

Ran from work over to Centennial Park and did a lap inside the park before I became too dark. Then ran around the outside of the park before running back to work.
The bats are really getting annoying in the park at dusk these days. Huge numbers.

Nice cool weather but really strong southerly blowing. 20ks an hour.
Total was 16.05ks in 74:38. Average pace of 4:37/k.

No chance of me doing the ACTCCC race Ewen. The State Road 10k is on that weekend at Homebush. Nice flat course.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Darley Rd 10x210m Hill Reps

A bit of a change in the conditions tonight. 26 degrees and 38% humidity with a warm westerly wind blowing. So much better than high humidity. Love the dry heat.

Reps were not too bad. All between 50-55 seconds up. Total session was 20 mins with a 2k warmup and a 2k cool down after finishing.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Centennial Park 23ks

Slept in this morning and consequently missed the Striders STaR at Balmain. The Bungle actually. Anyway I headed over to Centennial Park instead and did a few laps around the outside of the park.
Had a terrible run with temps of 23 degrees and 80% humidity and a 25k breeze blowing as well. Just could not find any rythym at all. Didn't help when the Mardi gra party came out of the Hordern at 7am in their wigs and tight dresses. And that was the blokes. Maybe they all were I can not be sure. Nigel and Bruce did wave at me at one stage.

After suffering badly I finally decided to stop the torture. All up it was 23.25ks in 1:50:23. Average pace of 4:44 per klm. Pretty bad on mostly a flat run with some grass.

I did catch up with Jeff Hunt at one stage for a chat. Only because he stopped for a drink the same time I did.
You need those hill reps for SMH Half JD.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Darley Rd 10x210m Hill reps

Humidity was back again tonight. Hard to run up the hill in it.
Temp was 23 degrees and 80% humidity.

Total time was 20 mins. Did a 1k warmup and a 1k cool down back home.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

MLR 14ks

Ran from work over to Centennial Park and did a lap of the running track and then ran up to Moore Park Rd and back down Anzac Pde to work.

All up 13.7ks in 1:04:09. Average pace of 4:40/k. Legs didn't feel that flash today.

If Canberra is on after todays weird post on the CM website then I will do the 50k and then run the Half at Christchurch as I have already booked a flight. Or if I recover from Canberra well I may do the full as it is 2 months after Canberra. Decisions, decisions...