Thursday, June 21, 2012

ES Marks Track 10x400m Reps

Did a 2.5k warmup before starting.
Reps were 77,80,77,80,77,79,81,80,78,82. All done with a 200m jog recovery.
Did a 2.5k cool down to finish.

Felt better than last week. Hope I can run a bit better at Nowra Cross Country on Saturday.


speedygeoff said...

It would be fun doing the Nowra cross country one year. Do they have an M70+ division?

Superflake said...

I'm surprised no-one comes across from Canberra considering we drive for over 2 hrs to run. They have all 5 year age groups Geoff. Trevor Jacobs would love the course.

Ewen said...

It'd make a good road trip - more of a fun race with 5 times the number of runners we get.

Have a good one Paul - hang back a bit in the first lap.