Thursday, February 09, 2006

Injury Update

I can't get in to see the Sports Doctor until Tuesday next week, he's a bit busy.

Instead of doing the Ocean Swim this Sunday I have now volunteered to help at the Striders X-Country Race, better known as the Equaliser 14k.

I think I'll be doing everything by the sounds of it as we are ten helpers short, and it may be cancelled otherwise.

Edit: Picked up the X-Rays this afternoon. Appears to be no break in the bone thank God. But I knew that anyway.
Probably only the Bone Scan will reveal anything.
And the Striders have found enough helpers for the Equaliser so I am back to swimming again. Forecast temp is 28 degrees. Not sure of the swell though.


KIT said...

I hope it all goes well.... it is getting hard to work with my fingers crossed!

Tesso said...

Wow, good news about the x-ray. Pity its taking so long to see the good doc.

Good luck with the Ocean Swim.

Luckylegs said...

Like the others, Superflake, I hope you get good news from the doc. Enjoy the swim too!

Horrie said...

I almost wish I wasn't running The Equaliser, just so I could come out and see you swim 2km. Enjoy the swim and good luck with the injury prognosis.