Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Thank you everyone

Thank you all very much for your support, I'm very grateful.
I thought I was just a mushroom!

I have had an X-Ray done late today but won't be able to pick them up until tomorrow.
I'm not expecting them to reveal anything as last year the only thing that found the stress fracture was the Bone Scan.

Tomorrow it will hopefully be a visit to the Sports Doctor,an old school friend, who will possibly send me for a bone scan. And then back to him to look at the pretty pictures.

So really I can't say a lot until the Sports Doctor sees me tomorrow.


Tesso said...

Good luck Flakey. We're all still thinking good thoughts for you.

TA and the Gnome said...

Hope the Doc has some poitive words for you.


Gronk said...

Fingers still crossed mate.