Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sunday's Ocean Swim

A light swim on Sunday. With good weather as predicted they are expecting close to a 1000 to front up for this swim.

Entered for the 2k swim. Might be interesting if there is good surf. The Manly locals won't like us getting in the way of their surf breaks. And we actually pass two, one at Manly Pt and then out at Fairy Bower.

Trivia: Apparently Shelly Beach at Manly is the only West facing Surf beach on the East Coast Mainland!


Lulu said...

Just checked in to catch the latest news and I'm sorry to hear that your stressie has been confirmed. I admire your positive attitude and I hope it's the faster healing stress fracture your doc has ever seen!

Tesso said...

Wow, that's amazing, a west facing beach on the east coast!

Its hard to imagine 1000 of you out there in the water. Lots of argy bargy I expect :-)

Good luck!

Horrie said...

Hope you have a good swim tomorrow Flake. Watch the elbows flying around. Don't want to see you get injured swimming now do we?

KIT said...

1000!!!! That would be scary! I hope you had a good one and didn't get kicked in the face or anything awful!