Wednesday, February 01, 2006

2x3.7k Reps

Into Centennial Park with a temp of 26 degrees, 80% humidity and a strong northerly wind blowing.
I did these around the tar running track in Centennial Park and measured it as 3.7ks.

I did the first one in 15:20 which is 4:08 per klm pace. I then had a 7 minute walk recovery before starting the next one.

The second one I tried to keep the same pace as the first and ended up with 15:08 which is 4:05 per klm pace.
Pretty hard session. The lungs were living on the edge for most of each rep.


KIT said...

Thats a good work out!! I promise nop lebanese breakfast on Saturday hahah now that would be ugly!!

Horrie said...

That's a tough session Flake. Good to see you go a bit quicker on the second rep.